Important of react

1. React

2. React JSX

JSX is HTML write formate. its uses by react. when we write HTML in react then that looks like HTML but it's not HTML. its a JSX or javascript XML. react JSX always convert to pure javascript then the browser engine read this code and show the UIs.

3. React’s tree reconciliation

when we write the code in react then react is make 2 DOM (document object model) memory. real DOM and virtual DOM. react personal DOM is virtual DOM and we write the real DOM. when we change the real DOM some element then react is rendering the 2 DOM. but virtual DOM is fully not rendered. just render the new changeable element.

4. Expressions in JSX

JSX has expression. that is curly braces use. not use curly braces then js code is not working. curly braces have javascript functionality and style. this has a comment.

5. Reading and updating the state

react have an easily updating system. this is use useState function. this has to name and the name updating function is setName(). any time client updates some data then react to DOM automatically rendered and updates the state. if you can read the updated data. if you use the state name in curly braces then you will read the data. after that is the state of an array? then you can loop state name and read all data.

6. JSX in Depth

every component start with must have Capital letter. and all components end of the break slash. every prop surrounding curly braces. JSX has special children props.

7. React Event

react event is a props system. props pass system is the parent component passes the props in the child component. but the child component does not pass the parent component. and a good system is some data props pass. if data huge then you use context API.

8. React Conditional rendering

every time render is JSX bt if you can conditional rendering of react in expression. you use a ternary operator or if/else but the ternary operator is easily less than if/else. so, will be rendered if true and no render if false.

9. implementation flux and redux

flux and redux is a code Implementation in react. it is easy to code but flux is difficult. and redux id easy to react. so, react code implementation with redux. this is very useful.

10. Nesting React elements

DOM API directly controlled the react API. and both are converted to HTML then present the user interface. this compiler of bable js. bable js compiles to plain javascript.



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